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The tech behind NovaMDR?

NovaMDR - uses a combination of human cyber security experts and cutting edge software in the form of network sensors that connect to a central command center to keep your network safe.

We're the only company out there that will let you try out the technology part by yourself.

The NovaMDR sensor is a Network Detection and Response (NDR) software solution capable of overseeing traffic moving in both north-south and east-west directions, achieved by tactically positioning sensors.

Using AI, ML, and data analytics to analyze network traffic, it can identify anomalies, perform investigations to identify patterns, and proactively prevent cyber-attacks, all while working with your existing network infrastructure.

Why Choose NovaMDR

  • Enjoy 24x7 security operations without the operational overheads and staffing complexities.
  • Reduce alert fatigue and employee attrition caused by menial tasks.
  • Leverage human-machine intelligence for effective threat detection and response.
  • Free up internal IT security resources for more strategic, business-relevant tasks.
  • Continually improve your security posture with input from experienced security professionals.
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Easy Setup

1. Set up the sensor

2. Connect to Cloud

3. Explore Your Network

Run the installer and begin the automatic process

Image Image

Log into the interface and request a key


Activate the software and explore your network

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Increase efficiency with NovaMDR

Increase security operations efficiency

AI-powered detection frees your team from time-consuming threat hunting, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks. Experience enhanced productivity with NovaMDR

Enhanced Visibility with Proactive Threat Hunting

Enhance security visibility through proactive threat hunting with human-machine intelligence that uncovers advanced threats, keeping you one step ahead.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Gain Unprecedented Visibility

Real-Time Threat Detection & Analysis

Real-time threat detection and analysis to continuously monitor your networks, swiftly identifying and alerting you of any threats.

Case Studies

“NovaMDR was our way to evolve our IT security infrastructure quickly & efficiently. It gives us peace of mind and a future-proof solution"

Head of IT Security

"We noticed a profound transformation in the company's cybersecurity operations after implementing NovaMDR."

CTO of the automotive supplier

“The first-class technology & service level of ForeNova is our best protection against potentially harmful crawler bots”

Chief Security Officer of the Newspaper

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