Affordable Managed Detection

and Response for SMEs

  • Upgrade your security system to the next level
  • Get cybersecurity experts that will help you
    prevent ransomware and breaches 24/7
  • Avoid team burnout by offloading the tedious work
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Don't do it yourself

The DIY approach is taking too much risk when it comes to detection and response and keeping your business secure against sophisticated and relentless cyber attacks.

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team consist of highly trained experts that empower you to focus on your core business, with the peace of mind that your data, operations, and reputation are in the most capable hands, all at half the cost you would pay to hire someone in-house.

We use cutting-edge tools, and real-time insights to swiftly identify and neutralize threats before they wreak havoc on your systems.


Enhance Cyber Defense & Cut Costs

Reduce cost

With MDR, you gain access to a team of specialized cybersecurity experts without the need for additional in-house hiring and training expenses.

SOC Efficiency

MDR drives SOC efficiency with expert teams, advanced technology, and real-time threat insights. By outsourcing continuous monitoring and incident response, internal teams focus on high-priority threats.


Become compliant with regulations.

MDR's comprehensive security measures can prevent costly regulatory fines & legal consequences due to non-compliance.


ForeNova's Managed Network Detection &

Response Explained

  • Our global team of cybersecurity experts offer 24x7 security operations without the operational overheads and staffing complexities.
  • We provide actionable recommendations and plans to prevent major incidents and improve overall security.
  • ForeNova leverages the power of human & machine intelligence for effective threat detection & response and integrates with your existing infrastructure.
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Gain full visibility into network traffic

Enhance security visibility through proactive threat hunting with human-machine intelligence that uncovers advanced threats, keeping you one step ahead.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Increase efficiency

Increase security operations efficiency without changing your infrastructure

We integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Our AI-powered detection frees your team from time-consuming threat hunting, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks.

No Need to Pay for Expensive SIEM

Log management without the cost

Get real-time log monitoring without having to pay for a full featured SIEM solution that you might not need.


NovaCommand Passes Testing by AV-TEST

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"NovaCommand was effective at detecting and reporting on a range of tactics and techniques used by attackers."

Andreas Marx, CEO AV-TEST


Case Studies

Peace of Mind with ForeNova

We know that we will sense and respond on a high alert or critical activity due to the alarms that NovaCommand sends to us. This kind of reliability is crucial to us.

George van Dijk, Chief Information Security Officer at ChipSoft

"We noticed a profound transformation in the company's cybersecurity operations after implementing Forenova MDR.

Before we started working with ForeNova, our security team was constantly overwhelmed by the number of threats and incidents they had to deal with"

CTO of the automotive supplier

“The first-class technology & service level of ForeNova is our best protection against potentially harmful crawler bots”

Chief Security Officer of the Newspaper

“Forenova was our way to evolve our IT security infrastructure quickly & efficiently. It gives us peace of mind and a future-proof solution"

Head of IT Security

" We feel very well taken care of.

We don't have the resources to close all emerging vulnerabilities in the network in a timely manner. With ForeNova, we can manage to stop damaging attacks or at least contain them immediately."

Jörg Mattern, Managing Director CPS GmbH

CPS GmbH Germany

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